Mexican Canyon Trestle

Pictures taken September 15, 2009

The major task for this day was to reassemble Bent #10. By the time I got to the site, all but the top section were in place.

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This is how it looked when I arrived. For those of you with good eyes, and the ability to distinguish old wood (light) from new wood (dark), there is a puzzle. Bent #10 has braces to Bent #11, but not to Bent #9.


A closer view


A view of the lowest sections of Bent #9 (dark wood), Bent #10, and Bent #11. Apparently the wood in these sections of Bent #10 and Bent #11 did not need replacement.


In the center of the picture, a plumb in Bent #11 is shown with a new wood “pile post”. The lower end of the plumb was cut off, and a horizontal “pile post” was inserted.


And the puzzle?

The upper section of Bent #10 was placed against the lowest section of Bent #9 during disassembly. Hence, the braces between Bent #9 and Bent #10 could not be put in place until that upper section was moved and put in place. And the braces between Bent #10 and Bent #11? Bent #11 is in pretty good shape except for the rotted mid-sill. That mid-sill will be replaced, not by disassembly of Bent #11, but by jacking up the portion of Bent #11 above the bad mid-sill, and putting a new mid-sill in place.