Mexican Canyon Trestle

Pictures taken September 11, 2009

The major task for this day was to continue to dissemble Bent #10, which has a badly rotted lower mid-sill..

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The start of the day.


Removing the other kicker between Bent #10 ands Bent #11


Removing temporary bracing between Bent #10 and Bent #11. Note the 2 x 4’s (light color) added to keep the section of Bent #10 rigid when it is removed..




Storing the section for future use


The badly rotted mid-sill in Bent #10. Note that the left portion of the sill is gone. Workers easily flaked off pieces of the right portion of the sill by hand..


Using a chain saw to cut another kicker


Liftoff for a brace between Bent #10 and Bent #11.


Lift off for the right portion of the section, well-braced by 2 x4’s.


The crane moves the right portion of the section. Note the piece of a kicker still attached to Bent #11.


This picture shows the left side of the lowest mid-sill on Bent #11 (left center across to the right of the picture; the beams in the foreground are part of Bent #8 and Bent #9). Most of the mid-sill between the left batter and the left rail has rotted away. The 2 x 4’s in the picture are lying on the ground. Bent #11 is not in good condition, and it is set for rebuilding after Bent #10.