Mexican Canyon Trestle

Pictures taken September 10, 2009

The major task for this day was to dissemble Bent #10, which has a badly rotted lower mid-sill.

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The upper section of Bent #9 had been braced to Bent #10. The first brace Bent #9 to Bent #8 and then removed the braces between Bent #9 and Bent #20. In this photo, workers are putting the new braces in place.


The workers in the man basket are getting ready to remove a brace between Bent #9 and Bent #10.


Up, up, and away .


Two Osmose workers are removing a temporary brace between Bent #10 and Bent #11.


The outer set of four stringers is removed.


And then the inner set of five stringers is removed.


The top section of Bent #10 is lifted off. It will be set aside, rotted pieces replaced, and reinstalled..


The next task is to remove the second section of Bent #10. Workers are removing braces that hold this section..


They are starting to remove a kicker between Bent #11 and Bent #10. A kicker is ia diagonal brace that is internal to the trestle structure. If you show at Lowe’s grocery store in Alamogordo, spend some time looking at the picture of the Mexican Canyon Trestle that is above the “cakes section”. In that picture there are lots of kickers but no diagonal bracing on the outside of the trestle.


And then the rains came. Lightning and slick surfaces are safety hazards, and the Osmose workers had to quit for the day.