Mexican Canyon Trestle

Pictures taken September 3, 2009

The major task for this day was to remove the next to lowest (but largest) section of Bent #9 so that the lowest section could be removed and the mud sill could be replaced. Once this had been done, the highest section of Bent #8 was replaced, and the old subcap on Bent #8 was removed.

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At the start of the day


The section of Bent #9 is supported by the large crane, and the worker in the crane basket is using a chain saw to cut one of the braces at the top of the section that connects to Bent #10.


Now he is cutting the next brace.


The second mid-sill on Bent #10 is badly rotted and deformed. Bent #10 had to be carefully braced to Bent #11 before the work on Bent #9 began.


Now he is cutting a lower brace.


The braces have been removed, and the bolt pins that connect the section to the first mid-sill have been cut. The crane lifts the section off.


And sets it one the ground, leaning against Bent #10


A nice piece of work by mid-morning


The next task is to put the top section of Bent #8 back in place.


Guiding it into place


Within an eighth of an inch (my guess)


The worker on the left is drilling a hole for a bolt pin; the worker on the right is driving a bolt pin in.


Bolting a temporary brace in place


The crew leader is surveying to make get the right elevation and tilt. The old cap is in good shape and will be used. A subcap and possibly a shim will be added.


Removing the old subcap


The partially restored and the yet-to-be restored